Laying the foundation for a healthy Los Angeles

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As part of the environmental review process for the Health Plan, it was determined that a Negative Declaration was appropriate. The noticing period for the Negative Declaration will begin on November 6, 2014 and last 30 days until December 8, 2014. Public comments may be submitted at any time during this period. Additionally, the revisions […]

The success of the Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles depends on collaboration and input from a wide range of partners involved with community health. We are excited to present a new series of interviews highlighting the people and organizations that are doing important work around the health issues at the heart of the Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles.

For our first interview, we spoke with Manal Aboelata, Managing Director at the Prevention Institute. Manal was part of the Expert Panel that has given policy advice to the Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles.

As part of the conversation about how to make Los Angeles a healthier city, the Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles has invited guest bloggers to share their vision for the City. Today, we host Yvette Lopez, Deputy Director at Pacoima Beautiful.