Everything you need to know about the Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles

Q: What is the Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles?

A: The Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles is a new health and wellness chapter that will be added to the Framework Element of the General Plan. The General Plan is the city’s blueprint for growth and development, ailment often referred to as the city’s planning constitution. The Framework Element provides high-level policy direction for all the other elements under the General Plan, viagra 40mg including transportation, land use, housing, open space and economic development. The Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles elevates health as a priority in the city’s future growth and development, establishing a policy framework to make Los Angeles a healthier place to live, work and play.

Q: Why is the City of Los Angeles focusing on health?

A:  Los Angeles is among the first of cities nationwide to focus on the relationship between health and planning. The goal of the project is to create vibrant communities where the healthiest choice is the easiest choice. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), health-driven community design policies can improve people’s health by making it easier for people to bike and walk, reducing injuries, improving access to healthy food and minimizing the effects of climate change. As part of the General Plan’s Framework Element, the new Health and Wellness Chapter will serve as the guiding document for citywide planning initiatives to ensure that city resources promote healthful opportunities.

Q: What is the current health situation in Los Angeles?

A: The Department of City Planning recently released the Health Atlas for the City of Los Angeles, a detailed data analysis of health outcomes throughout the city. The Health Atlas highlights the geographic concentration of issues such as obesity, pollution, asthma and violent health, underscoring the impact of neighborhoods on community health. The Health Atlas indicates that there are vast health disparities in Los Angeles, with poor health outcomes concentrated in the city’s low-income neighborhoods. The Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles is an important step in reducing health inequities and creating neighborhoods that give every Angeleno the opportunity to live a healthy life.

The data from the Health Atlas is available via interactive maps on this website and can be downloaded here.

Q: Who funds the Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles?

A: The Department of City Planning received a Community Transformation Grant from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health to create the Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles. The California Endowment provided additional support for community outreach to engage Angelenos in creating a vision for a healthy Los Angeles.

Q: What’s the project timeline?

A: The Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles will be available for public review in early 2014. During the last year, the project team has been doing community outreach to ask Angelenos about the health issues and opportunities in their communities. Their feedback, along with that of the project’s advisory committees, will be used to draft the plan’s goals and policies. The project is scheduled for City Council adoption in late 2014. The project team will then focus on implementation of the Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles. Updates will be available on this website.

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions?

A: The Department of City Planning welcomes community feedback. To get more information on the Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles, contact the following project team members:

Claire Bowin, City Planner

Elizabeth Carvajal, Urban Planning and Public Health Specialist

Lys Mendez, Outreach Coordinator