Implementation Steps for The Plan for a Healthy LA

viagra sale helvetica, web sans-serif” style=”font-family: arial, helvetica, sans-serif;”>As many of you know, The Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles was unanimously approved by the City Council in March. While the adoption marked the end of much hard hard work and collaboration, it also signified the beginning of a new task, the path toward implementation.

The challenge with every plan is that it serves as more than a mere document on a shelf, but instead functions as an active tool that empowers all to enact the envisioned change over the long term. We are excited to share that we are beginning to take the first steps toward implementing new programs identified in the Plan. Based on prioritization in the Implementation Plan and on discussions with key stakeholders, the City is taking the first steps toward implementing the following priority health programs:

  • Updating the City’s Quimby Ordinance and preparing a new parks fee ordinance.The draft ordinance is slated for release this month.
  • Researching and developing a preliminary report on Healthy Building Design Guidelines.
  • Identifying incentives to prioritize health-oriented land uses such as healthy food markets and health clinics.
  • Training City staff in the Planning Department and other City Departments how the Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles applies to ongoing planning work. The will help staff understand the document and how it can be implemented through various City functions.