News briefs

doctor 0, approved 3829620.story#axzz2jtOrRZ7m”>2 L.A. City Council members want to legalize, buy more about regulate street vendors | Los Angeles Times

The City of Los Angeles looks at legalizing street vending, a move that advocates say could help increase access to healthful food in underserved communities. Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles advisory board members, including East Los Angeles Community Corporation and the Los Angeles Food Policy Council, are leading the effort.

Broccoli’s Extreme Makeover | The New York Times Magazine

Could a marketing campaign give broccoli a popularity boost? The New York Times teams up with a marketing firm to promote vegetables and encourage healthier eating choices.

The Connection Between High School Graduation and Health | RWJF Public Health

College graduates can live up to five more years, according to an infographic by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. High school graduation rates are a leading indicator of health, determining whether people will have access to the resources that will help them make healthier lifestyle choices.