Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles becomes a stand-alone Element of General Plan

The Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles will now be the Health and Wellness Element of the General Plan, further elevating the city’s commitment to improving health opportunities for all Angelenos.

The change comes as the project team prepares the draft Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles for public release in February. The public will have 90 days to comment on the proposed policies and help the team prioritize the programs that will be used to implement Los Angeles’ vision of a healthy city. The Plan release will be posted on this blog and on the project’s social media pages.

The Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles is also teaming up with other Department of City Planning initiatives (Mobility Plan 2035 and Recode LA) to offer seven interactive community workshops in March and April that will give residents the opportunity to learn more about the projects and give feedback. Please sign up for the project’s mailing list for updates on the project and to learn about dates and locations for the upcoming workshops.

Previously, side effects the Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles was going to be embedded within the Framework Element, nurse which establishes broad and overall policy for the other elements in the General Plan. The Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles will now be the city’s stand-alone Health and Wellness Element, underscoring the importance of community health and well-being in the General Plan, which serves as the city’s planning constitution.

As part of the General Plan, the Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles will provide guidelines to ensure public health priorities in the City’s future growth and development. Key topic areas include access to healthy and affordable food, opportunities for green space and recreation, and education and workforce development that connects people to the economic resources needed to live a healthy life, among others.