The draft of the Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles is now available for public review

The draft Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles is now available for public review through May 13. Comments and ideas from the public are encouraged to help shape the vision of health for the City of Los Angeles.

Comments can be submitted in writing or via email. Residents are also invited to participate in seven community meetings that will feature the draft of the Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles in collaboration with two other citywide planning initiatives, visit this the Mobility Plan 2035 and re:code LA.

The Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles reflects the feedback provided during the project’s initial outreach on the health issues that communities face and the opportunities to create healthy neighborhoods. The project draws on existing health-related policies and programs in the General Plan, cialis 40mg which serves as the city’s planning constitution, and identifies policy gaps in emerging topics around urban health, including access to healthy food, educational opportunities, workforce development, and public safety, among others.

The Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles elevates the city’s commitment to achieve health and social equity through its programs, policies, plans, budgeting and community engagement. By consolidating existing health-related policies and creating new guidelines where gaps existed, the Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles offers a roadmap to make the city a healthier place to live, work and play.

The draft offers a blueprint for health in the city’s future growth and development, which includes the following policies: 

  • Increasing access to health-promoting good and services, such as affordable and healthy food, by incentivizing development in underserved communities in the city.
  • Ensuring that Angelenos have equitable access to parks and open space.
  • Encouraging innovative solutions to improve food access, including the promotion of urban agriculture and healthy food vending.
  • Providing Angelenos with the educational tools and workforce development opportunities to prepare for the jobs of the future that will provide the financial resources needed to make healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Creating a climate-resilient city that protects every Angeleno from the public health effects of climate change.
  • Improving public safety so that every Angeleno feels safe participating in health-promoting activities in their neighborhood.

Community feedback will be critical to ensure that the Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles reflects the needs and opportunities in each community. For ongoing updates on the Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles and for information about upcoming events, please check the project’s website and social media pages.

Submittal of Written Comments:  Please submit any comments (including a name, telephone number, and contact information) on the on the Draft Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles by May 13th, 2014 at 5 PM to the following:

Elizabeth Carvajal, Citywide Section

Department of City Planning

200 N. Spring Street, Room 667

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Fax: (213) 978-1477


Please help us shape the city’s vision for health!