Welcome to the Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles

The Plan for Healthy Los Angeles is a project led by the Department of City Planning to create healthy communities where residents can thrive. Recognizing that health happens within neighborhoods, stuff the City of Los Angeles wants to build communities where the healthiest choice is the easiest choice.

Los Angeles is among the first of cities nationwide to look at the relationship between community health and planning. There are vast disparities between neighborhoods in Los Angeles and where residents live often determines their health destiny. Low-income communities such as South Los Angeles and Boyle Heights face disproportionate rates of health issues such as obesity, drugs asthma and violent crime. Geographic location is such an important indicator of health that a person born and raised in Watts can expect to live 12 years less than a person born and raised in Brentwood. With this effort, viagra 60mg the city wants to improve neighborhood conditions so that every Angeleno has access to good health. 

Through this new project, the City of Los Angeles is laying the foundation toward a healthier Los Angeles. The first step was the release of the City of Los Angeles Health Atlas, a data-informed analysis of over 100 health outcomes, including the geographic concentration of issues such as childhood obesity, pollution, and crime. The data was used to support the creation of the Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles, which will create a policy mandate to elevate health in the city’s future growth and development. The Plan will be available for public review in 2014.

This website is the one-stop portal to get updates on the Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles, interact with the health data, and to get involved in shaping the vision for health in Los Angeles. Welcome!